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Trusted by Multiple Businesses






How RashFlash AI Bot Differs from GoHighlevel's Native AI Bot

RashFlash AI BOT

  • Can schedule, reschedule, and cancel calls.

  • Engages in human-like conversations.

  • Activates the bot based on tags.

  • Offers the option to filter conversations based on country.

  • Allows setting up follow-up messages.

  • Provides an option to ban/unban users, preventing further communication.

  • Multilingual Support (5+ Languages - Beta)

  • Offers real-time analytics and insights.

GoHighlevel Native Bot

  • Can only schedule calls.

  • Engages in robotic conversations with less emotional depth.

  • Lacks tag-based logic.

  • Cannot filter conversations based on the user's country.

  • Does not allow the setup of follow-up messages.

  • Lacks the ability to ban/unban users.

  • Lacks Multilingual Support

  • Offers no analytics.

What Makes Our AI Bot

So Special?

  1. Advanced Call Management: Our bot not only schedules but reschedules and cancels calls

  2. Human-Like Interactions: natural conversations that make your customers feel heard and valued

  3. Quick and Easy Setup: No more daunting installations. Get up and running with a single click

  4. Unmatched Control: Make the bot truly yours by customizing its name, delay, and message limits.

  5. Multilingual Capabilities: Expand your reach beyond borders with our AI Bot's multilingual support

  6. Real-Time Analytics and Insights: Make informed decisions with real-time analytics and actionable insights. Track your bot's performance

Empathy Powered by


Dive into the future with RashFlash AI Bot, where the groundbreaking GPT-4 technology ensures every conversation isn't just heard, but felt.

This leap into the future of AI isn't just about intelligent interactions; it's about creating connections so genuine, they mirror human empathy.

Experience how our AI Bot turns every chat into a meaningful opportunity, leveraging the most advanced AI to offer personalized, thoughtful responses that propel your business forward.

Welcome to a new era where technology doesn't replace the human touch—it enhances it.

Get More with Our AI ChatBot Subscription: Introducing the New AI Web Widget!

Subscribe to our AI ChatBot and get double the value!

Enjoy powerful AI-driven conversations and our innovative AI Chat Widget, transforming your website into an interactive, lead-capturing machine.

  1. Real-Time Engagement: Connect instantly with visitors through AI-driven chats.

  2. Customizable Design: Match the widget's look to your brand.

  3. Advanced Lead Capture: Auto-collect visitor info like name, email, and phone.

  4. Geo-Targeted Insights: Get visitor details such as country, state, city, and more.

  5. Seamless Integration: Easy JavaScript setup for immediate use.

  6. Intelligent Replies: Combine multiple messages into smooth, cohesive responses.

  7. Booking Bot: Encourage leads to schedule calls directly through chat.

RashFlash AI Bot in Action

What You Get if You Buy Today?

Unlock an exclusive suite of features with RashFlash AI Bot. Here’s what’s included in your subscription:

  • $1 Trial for 14 Days: Dive into the full experience with minimal risk. If you love it, continue for just $39.99/month.

  • $2 FREE in Your Message Wallet: As a welcome bonus, start engaging with your audience right away without additional costs.

  • Chat Widget: Buy Today and Get Instant Access to Our New AI Web Widget!

  • Unlimited Conversations: Engage with your audience without limits.

  • Smart Messaging: Up to 25 messages per conversation to ensure meaningful interactions.

  • Set Up Follow-Up Messages: Configure to send follow-up messages to non-responsive leads.

  • Ban / UnBan User: Block a lead to stop bot responses. You can also lift the ban at any time.

  • Custom Triggers: Activate the bot using tags or incoming SMS / WhatsApp/ FB/ IG messages for targeted responses.

  • Exclusive Dashboard: Access comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making.

  • Geographic Filtering: Tailor bot responses based on user country, focusing on your desired audience.

  • Beta Multilingual Support: Communicate in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Dutch, Hindi, Chinese, and Japanese. (Beta feature, expanding capabilities)

  • Expansive Knowledge Base: Start with a 25,000-character bot training module for nuanced understanding.

  • Flexible Pay-Per-Message OR Pay-Per-Booking Pricing OR Use Your Own OpenAI Key:

    • Pay-Per-Message: Enjoy rates from just $0.03 to $0.16 per message.

    • Pay-Per-Booking: Starting at $5 per successful booking, this option is perfect for those focusing on conversion efficiency.

    • Use Your Own OpenAI Key: Integrate your own OpenAI Key to pay only $0.02 per-message.

30-days Money-Back Guarantee: After enjoying your $1 trial, when you transition to our monthly subscription, your commitment is still risk-free. extends a 30-day money-back guarantee from the start of your paid subscription. If you find our service isn’t the right fit within those 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund of your subscription fee.

Limited Time Offer:

Act Now & Get Exclusive Bonuses

  • Power of AI in E-commerce (FREE eBook): Transform your online store with cutting-edge AI insights

  • E-commerce SEO Mastery (FREE eBook): Master the art of SEO to ensure your e-commerce site stands out and attracts more traffic.


$39 Every Month: This is like your all-access pass. Paying this means you get to use all the awesome features of our bot, as much as you want, all month long.

Choose Your Pricing Model or Use Your Own OpenAI API Key:

Plus a Little Extra for Messages:

Every time our bot sends out a message for you, there's a small cost, starting at just 3 cents per message. Ideal for businesses focused on high engagement without the commitment of bookings.


Pay Per Booking:

Prefer a more results-oriented approach? Our pay per booking option starts at $5 for each successful booking the bot secures. Perfect for those focusing on the bottom line and wanting to directly link costs to tangible results.


Bring Your Own OpenAI API Key

Now, you have the option to integrate your own OpenAI API Key. This alternative allows you to bypass per-message or per-booking fees, giving you greater flexibility and control over your usage and costs. When you use your own OpenAI API Key, then we will charge a fix cost of $0.02 per message.

You start with the $39 monthly subscription to keep your bot operational. Then, pick the add-on that suits your business strategy best: pay per message or pay per booking or your own OpenAI API Key

Prerequisites for RashFlash AI Bot Success

To ensure a smooth and successful integration of RashFlash AI Bot into your operations, here are a few things you'll need ready:

  1. GoHighLevel Account: Our bot works seamlessly with GoHighLevel, so having an account is a must.

  2. Phone Numbers & SMS / WhatsApp Setup: Ensure your GoHighLevel account has phone numbers set up and that SMS messaging is active. In case of WhatsApp integration, just link your existing WhatsApp business account, set up your message templates and watch the AI Bot go to work.

  3. GoHighLevel Calendar: Having a calendar created in GoHighLevel is essential for scheduling and managing bookings through our bot.

Need Help Setting Up?

If any of these requirements are not yet in place, no worries! Subscribe today, and we’ll offer you one-time setup assistance. Our team is ready to ensure your setup process is smooth and straightforward, helping you to maximize your lead conversion and engagement from day one.


See how our AI-powered conversations have revolutionized the booking experience for businesses like yours.



"Thanks to RashFlash AI Bot, we saw our booking rate soar! The setup was a breeze, and our customers love the human-like interactions. A game-changer for our service engagement."



"DealRaise's booking rate soared to 50% with RashFlash AI Bot, slashing costs to just $1.04/booking. A game-changer for efficiency and profitability."



"RashFlash AI Bot transformed our appointment scheduling. Quick to implement, it boosted our bookings significantly with its incredibly natural conversations. Highly recommend!"


Virtual Worker Now

"RashFlash AI Bot joins Virtual Worker Now. Marking the start of an exciting journey towards enhanced productivity and customer engagement. Stay tuned for their success story!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RashFlash AI Bot and how does it differ from standard scheduling tools?

RashFlash AI Bot uniquely integrates with GoHighLevel, offering unparalleled scheduling automation with real human-like conversations. It's designed to understand and adapt to your specific business needs, providing customizable triggers and responses that align with your brand voice, making every interaction personal and efficient.

How does RashFlash AI Bot improve the booking process?

It simplifies scheduling by using AI to communicate effectively, reducing the need for manual input and back-and-forth emails, thereby making the booking process more efficient.

Can RashFlash AI Bot replace a virtual assistant?

While it automates many tasks of a virtual assistant, especially in scheduling and customer interaction, it complements rather than completely replaces human oversight, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

How does RashFlash AI Bot ensure 24/7 availability?

With its AI capabilities, the bot ensures 24/7 availability, allowing businesses to capture leads and engage with customers at any time without human intervention.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Canceling your subscription is simple. Just follow these steps:

-> Log in to your dashboard.

-> Navigate to the "Billing" tab.

-> Select "Cancel Subscription."

Your subscription will be canceled immediately. Please note that you can reactivate at any time by sending us email [email protected]

How can I request a refund?

We're here to help if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase.

To request a refund, please send an email to [email protected].

Include the email address associated with your RashFlash subscription in your message. Our team will process your refund request promptly. Remember, our 30-day money-back guarantee covers you post-trial, ensuring your satisfaction is guaranteed.


The performance statistics and outcomes shared on this page are based on past results from existing clients using the RashFlash AI Bot. While we present these results to showcase the potential benefits and capabilities of our AI Bot, we do not guarantee identical outcomes for all businesses. Success can vary based on factors such as industry, business size, customer base, and the effective integration of the AI Bot into existing workflows.

By choosing to use RashFlash AI Bot, users agree to do so at their own discretion and in compliance with applicable laws and platform guidelines. RashFlash is not liable for any direct or indirect consequences that may arise from the use of our AI Bot or from compliance failures with platform policies.

We are committed to providing a powerful tool to enhance your business operations and marketing efforts and encourage users to share their experiences and feedback to continually improve the RashFlash AI Bot.


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